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Cane Toad Removal Services

Bufo Cane Toad Removal

Bufo Frogs, also known as Cane Toads are a non-native species most comonly found in central and south Florida. This invasive pest animal was originally introduced as a means to protect sugar crops from insects, but has since grown in alarming numbers.

Cane Toads are very poisonous to pets and small children. They release a toxin from their glands when stressed or under pressure, therefore it is vital for you to properly identify a Cane Toad and avoid handling it. If you suspect you have Cane Toads on your property, keep pets and children away from them.

Cane Toad Removal in Florida

Xceptional Wildlife Removal provides effective and humane removal of Cane Toads in the Florida region. Our Wildlife Biologist have all the safe handling and disposal devices to properly remove these creatures and  rid your home or business of these dangerous pests.

Cane Toad (Bufo) frog Removal services are provided throughout the state of Florida.

Call Xceptional Wildlife Removal today to have one of our Expert Wildlife Biologists Provide Complete Bufo Frog Removal!