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Wildlife Removal & Animal Control


Removal and

We can remove any nuisance wildlife from your home or business!

Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Bees, and Hornets
We can handle all stinging insects problems no matter the size or height.

& Attic

We animal proof your home or business to seal out wildlife from coming in. We remove contaminated insulation, install new insulation, and perform attic treatments.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are one of the top nuisance animals for homeowners and wildlife removal specialists. Understanding why squirrel removal is important when they’re too close to your home is important for homeowners.


Rat Control

Rats and mice are another common problem. They usually enter merely for warmth and shelter, but also for food. Once inside, they make a lot of scurrying and scratching noises, they will chew on wires, defecate and urinate everywhere, and often enter the home and raid the pantry.


Bat Exclusion

Bat Removal is a common service provided by Xceptional Wildlife. Bats become a problem when they form colonies inside attic areas of homes and buildings. Bats are one of the most beneficial animals to the environment, however, they are not safe animals to have living inside your home.


Xceptional Service

Xceptional Wildlife Removal is a full service Wildlife Control Company that provides complete animal removal services throughout the USA. We are the leader in Nuisance Wildlife Removal services. Xceptional Wildlife Removal is one-of-a kind, employing degreed wildlife biologists.


Xceptional Wildlife Removal specializes in a multitude of wildlife removal services including; Squirrel Removal, Raccoon Removal, Bat Removal, Rat Removal, Snake Removal and a magnitude of other wildlife control services. We have years of experience in humane animal removal services, including wild animal control, wildlife relocation, dead animal removal, animal trapping, animal damage repairs and more. 

 Our Xceptional Wildlife team want to solve your problems as quickly and effectively as possible while using the most humane practices in the industry. We also specialize in attic restoration, insulation removal and installation, gutter protection systems, home exclusions, household pest control programs, wildlife management programs, and habitat modification. Xceptional Wildlife Removal is dedicated to protecting your home, family, and property from the dangers of nuisance wildlife and pests. 

Can't get rid of the raccoons or squirrels in or around your home? Or maybe you've been hearing scratching noises in the walls or attic? Our professional residential animal control services are just what you need. Xceptional Wildlife Removal has a mission to deliver the finest quality of wildlife and pest removal service in the industry. A service centered on quick response and the highest level of customer satisfaction, demanding the ethical treatment of animals and methods that are environmentally sound. We protect people from the dangers of nuisance wildlife pests in their homes or commercial properties.