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Wildlife Management Services

Wildlife Management Programs

Xceptional Wildlife Removal hires expert wildlife biologists to solve any nuisance wildlife or pest situation. Our biologists are highly trained to handle any problem you may have. As wildlife removal experts, Xceptional Biologists will not only remedy your current problem, but will keep recurring wildlife or pest problems from happening again. This may include excluding entry points, gable-end vents, roof vents, ridge caps, installing proper chimney caps, or habitat modification. In some cases, programs are implemented to prevent and control nuisance wildlife populations long-term by on-going trapping and relocation. Whether you have a problem with rats in the attic, moles in the yard, snakes in a crawlspace, be rest-assured that Xceptional is ready to solve your problem.

Humane is not just a word, it's our mission.

At Xceptional, we protect people, homes, and properties from nuisance wildlife and pests. However, our standard of service goes far beyond this alone. We demand that all animals are treated with the highest level of respect and care. Xceptional biologists relocate wildlife whenever possible and insure that every animal is treated with the highest standard of care. We further protect our customers and animals by preventing future wildlife invasions by making sure every home is sealed and protected and implementing wildlife management programs when necessary.

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