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Vineyard Bird Control

Bird Netting Installation for Vineyards

bird netting installed for vineyards

Bird Netting is a highly effective means of bird control for farms and crops. By excluding pest birds from your crops, you can significantly reduce crop losses. Xceptional Wildlife Removal provides complete Commercial Agriculture Bird Control and removal service for farming operations such as vineyards, fruit farms, blueberry farms, orange groves, apple orchards, strawberry farms and more.  

Our bird exclusion experience includes working with commercial buildings, industrial properties, distribution warehouses, retail businesses and commercial properties to successfully remove and exclude nuisance birds and wildlife. 

overhead bird netting


We humanely remove birds such as pigeons, gulls, geese, and other nuisance birds and mitigate the risk of rehabitation. We install quality netting that won't deteriorate quickly, and we install it right the first time to prevent unneccesary bird accidents, trappings or entanglment. Our installers and biologists are experienced with some of the largest commercial industries and city governement installations. Our past experience includes:

  • Retail, Commercial Businesses
  • Restaurants, Food Establishments
  • International Airports
  • Government Buildings
  • Warehouses, Distribution Centers
  • Theme Parks
  • High-rise office buildings and condos
  • Golf Courses
  • State Parks

Some areas we service include: Virginia, Washington, DC, Tennesee, West Virginia, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Delaware

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We have worked with some of the largest corporations, parks and wildlife departments, airports and retail establishments in the USA to mitigate bird damage caused by overabundance of birds. Xceptional Wildlife Removal experts have been providing wildlife control services and bird netting for buildings since 1993. We are fully insured to provide services to commercial agriculture customers. We also possess Nuisance Wildlife Control permits issued by the state to perform Wildlife Trapping, Animal Removal, Wildlife Damage repairs, and Wildlife Removal services.


Bird Netting for Fruit Farms

Bird Netting installation is the most effective bird control method for fruit orchards, providing a barrier as a pest bird deterrent when it is installed properly by professionals. Proper installation is necessary to prevent sagging or drooping of the net, which can create gaps that will allow birds to get through. The Xceptional Wildlife Removal team can quickly and thoroughly install bird netting at your farm or business to prevent bird damages.

bird netting installation

Bird Net Installation for Fruit Orchards

Birds love to feed on ripe fruit! This is why bird nets are essential for fruit farms and orchards. Overhead bird nets are one of the most effective bird control methods for farms and vineyarads, providing a deterrent for pest birds when installed properly by professionals. 

Overhead Crop Netting consists of a suspended, full enclosure application and is ideal for blueberry netting, strawberry netting, vineyard netting, fruit orchard nettings and other crop protection against birds. This type of netting system fully encloses your crop by mounting the nets above the canopy. A variety of net sizes can be used based on your crop and the type of pests you want to keep out.

Bird Netting Advantages

  • Protects your crop while harvesting
  • Your crop is not exposed to birds or other predators
  • Allows for mixed variety harvesting times without crop exposure
  • Overhead netting provides contactless protection; birds are not able to push the netting onto vines or bushes allowing them to reach the fruit by picking through the netting
  • Properly installed and managed overhead systems will outlast draped style or side netting as it does not contact the plants.
  • After initial installation, less labor is required in spreading and removal of netting on a yearly basis

The Xceptional Wildlife Removal team can quickly and thoroughly install bird netting at your farm, vineyard or agricutlural business to prevent bird or pest damages.

Where We Can Install Bird Nets:  Vineyards, blueberry farms, strawberry farms, fruit orchards 

bird netting installation


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