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Wildlife Removal & Pest Control

Wildlife Exclusion Services

All buildings and homes have structural imperfections that nuisance wildlife and pests will utilize to gain access into your home or business. Animals often leave pheromones, or invisible scent markers, attracting other animals to your home. Multi-species problems are not uncommon. It is extremely important that your home is inspected by a professional immediately to assess your home and seal parts of the home that make it vulnerable to wildlife and pests.

Xceptional Biologists are trained in carpentry and handy-man services as well, to ensure that your home is sealed properly and permanently. We take every effort to make our work match the aesthetics of the home, making sure your home looks great. We only use the highest grade construction materials and stand behind our work with the industry's strongest guarantee.

Commonly homeowners will hire a handyman to take care of their problem not realizing that the general handyman is only trained to make repairs, NOT animal proofing repairs. Wildlife Control companies have the knowledge of animal behavior to properly ensure the home is repaired and sealed to prevent animal reentry. Xceptional Wildlife experts animal proof homes throughout Atlanta and surrounding cities to ensure your wildilfe problem is effectively and completely resolved!