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The Nine Banded Armadillos were introduced in 1920 in Florida, and within the last decade have spread into Lithonia Georgia according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Xceptional Wildlife Biologist provide complete solutions to all types of armadillo problems throughout the Lithonia, GA area. Although harmless these funny looking creatures can be very destructive animals with their proficient ability to dig which gives them the ability to destroy a lawn, golf course, or garden in a single night. Because of this destruction these animals have increased the need for Armadillo Control services throughout the Atlanta Metro area and surrounding areas.

Our Xceptional Wildlife biologist are able to handle all types of armadillo situations throughout the Lithonia area. We specialize in Armadillo Removal, Armadillo Trapping, and complete Armadillo Control solutions.

Lithonia Armadillo Damage:

The major problems associated with armadillos are their digging and burrowing ability. Their primary diet consists of insects and grubs dug from the soil. This poses problems for homeowners with well manicured lawns, golf course owners, gardner's, and farmers. Armadillos do not dig one hole in search of food they will dig many holes dependent on the food source your lawn has to offer. These holes will vary in size and can be a small hole to a relatively large one. An armadillo hole may be up to a foot in diameter and several feet deep, these animals are excellent diggers and have been known to destroy a lawn in a single night.

Lithonia Armadillo Trapping:

Armadillo Trapping is the best method of removing these nuisance pests from your property. Trapping is the fastest, most effective method of preventing an armadillo from destroying your lawn. It is often a tricky process because they are not attracted to food on the ground or a baited trap. These animals will not freely go into a cage trap in search of food. Armadillos primarily dig for their food, hence why they will not enter a baited cage trap freely. This is why trapping an armadillo should be handled by a professional. Our Wildlife Biologist of Xceptional Wildlife are experts at Armadillo Trapping and have successfully provided these services throughout the Lithonia Georgia area and surrounding cities.

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