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Duluth Bird Control is a very common service requested by both homeowners and commercial customers. Birds may be very pretty to look at but they are one of North America’s dirtiest animal that causes billions of dollars of damage each year. Nuisance birds can be very difficult to control if the right technique and equipment is not used. We provide complete bird control services, bird proofing, bird deterrents and other bird services such as removing birds in vents, bird nesting removal, bird spiking installation, and bird netting services throughout Duluth, GA and surrounding counties.

Our Xceptional Wildlife Biologists are able to handle all types of Bird situations throughout the Duluth area. We specialize in Bird Removal, Bird Trapping, and complete Bird Control Solutions.

Duluth Bird Damage:

Birds require aggressive action to control and can cause massive amounts of damage to your property. Birds cause damage by either making their nest on signs and storefronts, to building nest in homeowner’s vents. Bird droppings cost businesses and restaurants billions of dollars each year in damages. These bird droppings are a health hazard for restaurants and unsightly to customers and outdoor seating areas where customers gather. These urban birds have become very accustom to being around people and are not frightened off but are actually attracted because of the chance of finding scraps of human food.

Duluth Bird Removal:

Homeowners face other types of bird problems, the biggest being birds building nests in vents. In some instances the homeowner is not concerned with the birds flying in and out of their vents, until the noises of baby birds keep them up at night then they have a foul smell to the worst case scenario of bird mites infesting their home. Birds will build nests in dryer vents, microwave vents, exhaust vents, and even in attics. These birds will build a nest to have their babies in any place they feel is safe for them.

Most of the time the bird control programs revolve around some sort of habitat modification. Such habitat modification includes screening all possible entry points in which the birds have gained access to either your home or building. Close up all exposed ventilation pipes and placed the proper their ears in which birds cannot overcome. Install bird spikes one all possible roosting sites such as I-beam ledges and building corners. There's a lot more to bird control them what initially meets the eye. A lot of times bird control estimates are up in the thousands of dollars. Some of the ways that bird control companies control birds are by installing structural bird netting, installing anti-roost shocked track, by installing anti-roosting spikes, installing wire deterrent systems, using and time roosting gels, and often times performing chemical control.

Any quality bird control program should start with a thorough bird inspection. A quality bird inspection involves the inspector checking all possible bird entry points and all possible bird roosting sites. Then making a quality recommendation one how to modify all entry points in roosting sites to make the area undesirable for the birds to want to hang out. Birds become a nuisance because of their fecal matter is very high in acid content and has been known to erode metal structures.

Whatever the bird problem may be, we have solutions to get rid of birds, remove birds in vent, deter birds from buildings with bird netting, bird electrical tracks, bird netting and other bird control methods.

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