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Douglasville Squirrel Removal

Douglasville Squirrel Removal

Squirrel trapping

Xceptional Wildlife Biologists provide complete solutions to all types of squirrel problems throughout Douglasville, GA. Because of the destruction these animals can create, the need for Squirrel control services have increased throughout the Atlanta Metro area and surrounding areas. Although they may seem cute and cuddly, they can quickly become a dangerous nuisance to your family.

Our Xceptional Wildlife biologist are able to handle all types of Squirrel situations throughout the Douglasville area. We specialize in Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Trapping, and complete Squirrel Control solutions.

Douglasville Squirrel Damage:

Squirrels are vicious chewers and can cause serious damage to a home; this can potentially lead to expensive damage being done to your home or business. Grey Squirrels and Flying Squirrels are the most common animals we deal with entering the attics of homes all over Georgia. There are also many other wildlife animals and rodents that enter the attics of homes such as raccoons, bats, and rats. Xceptional Wildlife Removal will do a thorough inspection to your attic and exterior of your home to determine exactly what is causing the problems and what needs to be done to solve the issue. Squirrels in Attics are a common problem for homeowners that we deal with on a daily basis.

Douglasville Squirrel Removal and Exclusion:

Squirrel trapping and relocating is only the beginning of the work needed to solving a problem with those nuisance rodents in your attic. Performing a squirrel exclusion or “squirrel proofing” your home is the only permanent solution to keeping squirrels out of your house and attic. A home that had squirrels removed without an exclusion runs the risk of new squirrels and possibly other rodents such as rats and mice entering and causing problems in the future. A handyman, Common pest control companies, and “squirrel exterminators” do not require the expert knowledge or proper equipment to complete the job right. Squirrels are nuisance wildlife, not pests, and legally require non-toxic removal methods such as exclusion and trapping.

Squirrel exclusion is a job that should only be handled by professionals. Xceptional Wildlife holds all the necessary trapping licenses and permits to make sure that the job is done in full compliance with all state and federal laws. Xceptional Wildlife leads the industry in state of the art technology such as excluder devices, thermal imaging, and digital inspection cameras. Our team has safely removed and performed thousands of exclusions throughout the state of Georgia. Although simple in nature, squirrel removal and control can be very difficult and sometimes hazardous work with extremely tall ladders. It requires extensive training, specialized equipment, and strict observance of safety and health precautions. Rest assured, Xceptional Wildlife has all the specialized equipment, knowledge, and technology to handle ANY type of squirrel problem, no matter the size of the building or difficulty.

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