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Xceptional Wildlife Removal provides Opossum Removal throughout Lawrenceville, GA and the surrounding areas. Opossum Removal should be initiated as soon as it is discovered and removal should only be attempted by a trained professional wildlife control company, such as Xceptional Wildlife Removal. Our Wildlife Biologists provide complete solutions for Opossum removal and Opossum Control.

Our Xceptional Wildlife biologist are able to handle all types of Opossum situations throughout the Lawrenceville area. We specialize in Opossum Removal, Opossum Trapping, and complete Opossum Control solutions.

Lawrenceville Opossum Damage:

Opossums are medium size mammals that are typically the size of a house cat. They have coarse black or gray fur, a white face, pink nose, and a pink tail. These pests eat nuts, fruit, small animals, insects, and grass. The vast array of diet makes it possible for these resilient mammals to live just about anywhere including your Lawrenceville, GA home.

Lawrenceville Opossum Trapping:

The most common way to get rid of Opossums is through a trapping program. Our Wildlife Biologists will set traps in the area that the Opossum was seen and will lay out a food bait to entice the Opossum to enter the trap. We will then remove the Opossum and handle it humanely. Once the Opossum is removed, any entry ways that the Opossum has accessed to gain entry into your home should be sealed off.

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