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Athens Rodent Removal

Athens Rodent Removal

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Rodent Removal is a service that Xceptional Wildlife Removal provides throughout Athens, GA and surrounding areas. Rats and Mice can be found living in residential and commericial spaces including warehouses, businesses, attics, crawlspaces, garages, and basements throughout Athens Georgia. Rodents will seek any opportunity for shelter if an access can be gained by these pests they will take advantage of it. They have also been known to take up residence in sheds, barns, outhouses, and even in cars. These pests will live anywhere there is a food and water source. These pests are nuisance for Athens residents, but are not a pest that you have to live with!

Our Xceptional Wildlife biologist are able to handle all types of Rodent situations throughout the Athens area. We specialize in Rodent Removal, Rodent Trapping, and complete Rodent Control solutions.

Athens Rodent Damage:

Rats cause millions of damage every year to homes and business. They navigate through tight spaces by using their sense of smell, taste, and touch to navigate them to their food source. Rodents have been known to chew through wires and cables while they search for food. This poses a safety concern for you and your family as it can lead to a fire. Rats can also weaken structures integrity by chewing through glass, cinder block, wire, aluminum, and lead.

An adult Rat can squeeze into your home through a hole as big as a quarter. This ability is key to finding shelter and food wherever they can. Rodents are very quick to breed once they find a safe place to have their young which can lead to a very fast Rodent infestation. Rat Control and Rat Removal should be initiated as soon as a Rat or Mouse has been discovered.

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