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Skunk Control Services

Skunk Removal

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Xceptional Wildlife Removal provides Skunk Removal and Skunk Trapping services throughout areas serviced by Xceptional Wildlife removal. Skunks, often referred to as pole cats, are for the most part black or brown in color with white to cream stripes running down the backside of its entire body from its nose tip to the tip of its tail. They are typically the same size as a house cat and very shy in nature.

Our Xceptional Wildlife biologist are able to handle all types of Skunk situations throughout areas serviced by Xceptional Wildlife Removal experts. We specialize in Skunk Removal, Skunk Trapping, Skunk Exclusions and complete Skunk Control solutions.

Skunk Damage:

Skunks will often times dig holes underneath the front steps of the home or building. Skunks will also dig burrows under decks or under outside sheds. Skunks dig these holes in an effort to find a secure place to live and have their young. Their burrowing can lead to weakening in a foundations structure and can lead to very expensive damage.

Skunk Trapping:

Skunk removal is often performed by wildlife exclusion or by setting traps for skunks. Exclusions are a process in which the Skunk is physically kept from entering a hole or crack that allows entrance. Setting a trap for Skunks is the most common way for our Wildlife Biologists to resolve a Skunk problem. After the Skunk is removed, the holes that the Skunk has dug should be checked and filled in with cement to insure that no other Skunks in the area will use these open Dens.

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